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Hi Tank Girl ,
Glad this course has had a positive effect on you ๐Ÿ™‚ , could never imagine you being negative about yourself but like you say i guess we all do from time to time . Glad you got out of that relationship as well , no one should have to put up with that !!! . I have found that as ive got older i do stand up for myself more , used to just shrug it off as it was easier and i didnt like to argue or confront people !!! .

This lead to me being taken advantage of as people thought i was a soft touch , plus i’d help any one if they asked for my help . However after a while i started to realise that the help i gave wasnt always there from some of these people when i needed it . And when i was in the RAF there was this corpral that made my life hell ……basically bullied me . Until on weekend shift i was dozzing across some chairs and i heard him say how big my hands where and if i lost it how much damage he thought i could do . I realised he was actually scared of me , so one day after recieving some abuse off him i kicked off :-O . He threatend to charge me , but by this time i didnt give a shit and told him if you gonna charge me ill make it worth your while !!! and up came the fists …..he shit himself ๐Ÿ™‚ . Left me alone after that .

I hate violence and confrontation , but some times i think with some people its the only way to make them stop acting the bully . Some people see kindness as a weakness ……pity people like that !!!!