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    @DaftFader 329906 wrote:

    i have this on vinyl … absolute tuneage … :love: (D+B mix is sweet as well got a scratch on it tho so poo sticks tbh:cry:)

    ive got the dnb mix of it too, unscratched (sorry lol) :love:

    @Brock the badger 329911 wrote:

    Good one for posting this.

    The offer is for Ableton 8 not 7 which is the most recent version but shouldn’t the mix link be posted on their website and not here?

    I already have a legit Ableton set up but like the idea so will post one

    yeah i think it’s a great idea too, and if u win the abelton u could always sell it 🙂

    oh and i posted the link here in case anybody else fancied listening.. i already uploaded it to their site .. post urs too! :bounce_g: