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I second that!
When using CDJs, ther is a certain lack of skill involved. Also you cant mix your tunes properly just by looking at the track, coz u cant see it, its on a cd. With vinyl you can see the pattern of the tune and mix your tunes together in so many ways.
Not saying CDJs are easy to mix on, but the majority of people who use em dont mix properly. I was at a BIG event in a club this weekend with 6 sound systems and they were all using CDJs (and vinyl but not much at all), i think i heard about 2 tunes mixed together for the whole 9 hours. The rest were stopped and played pretty much every time, and 3 or 4 djs managed to push the wrong RPM button on their “PHAT” pioneer CDJs that they dont know how to use properly. Pisses me off when you see DJs playing shit at events where they get paid and you know you can mix better than that and you just hav to stand and listen to them.

Anyways, a good way to get sets at parties is to do wot your doing now on this forum, and also get into music production, make your own tunes and spam record labels with “the freshest techno to see the light of day this year” or sumthing along those lines. You get the idea realy, play phat tunes, play them well, make sure people hear them, dont give up, and you will get to play out at events sooner or later.

Erm :laugh_at: