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I wasnt blaming the technology tbh mate, i was just pointing out that DJs use their expensive equipment badly, and theres DJs using their old and battered decks and still ripping it up.

Fair enuf the standard gear has moved on to CDJs because there are more possibilities with the digital format, but it would be nice if DJs could use their CDJs like they use vinyl.

The only time i would use a CDJ wud be to mix a tune that ive made on the pc or a tune that doesnt exist on vinyl, and even then it makes me cringe. All my friends have the same vue aswell, “only if we have to”.

Basicly if u wanna mix on CDJs go ahead but i know i like black plastic and thats the way its guna stay, i dont see the point in goin out to spend another 1 and half grand on CDJs and 4 channel mixer and then to spend weeks downloading mp3s onto a computer that i wud have to buy aswell. its much easier for me to stick with my vinyl and decks, and continue using the computer at work and college.