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I heard they are thinking of leaving the Euro or have been advised to by several EU nations. I wonder if the Euro is on borrowed time? Well glad we didn’t enter into it!

because of the costs of reverting back to national currencies, some richer nations or those with long standing trade links (such as BE, NL, DE, LU) might keep it. I was speaking to a Dutch accountant about computer systems used in finance some years ago and they said that because of the Euro they were able to adopt a very useful secure electronics payment system that Germany uses and thus get rid of paper cheques (they found it very amusing that we still use them in Britain).

bear in mind also lots of nations are in the EU but do not have the Euro currency, as well as the UK the same applies to DK and (I think) SE and all the new ones like PL, BG, RO etc..

However, there is every chance also that a crisis in the Euro as well as the Middle Eastern political problems will take the Schengen agreement down. This will mean that when you travel to Europe strong national borders will exist once more, and Douane/Customs/Zoll at every one of them. This will have a obvious impact on the music scene associated with European travel and party drugs.