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@GiantMidget 442059 wrote:

There’s never a best time to strike, not when it disrupts the lives of millions of hard working people. :/

@extraslim 442062 wrote:

I am not sure I support the strikers dont see why society should spend so much to fund their pensions; everyone is facing an increasing retirement age. But I am no expert.

its not even an issue of support or sympathy. In a modern EU nation with human rights legislations any workers have have the right to strike until they cause a public state of emergency. At that point, the public safety authorities take over control. (This is the same anywhere in Europe).

All this is minor compared to what happened in Europe during the 1980s – even in England it eventually led to social unrest, and people getting hurt and killed – particularly up North during the miners strike. In France and some other countries, extremists of both sides of the political spectrum actually took up firearms and shot dead their opponents.

Those of us who have grown up in the 1990s have lived in comparatively good times of economic and political stability – these times are gone and not coming back.