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I see loads of stuff like this whilst on my bike. I ride fast (both on my normal pushbikes and the e-bikes I recently bought) but always obey traffic laws and don’t cane through red lights or ride on the pavements – and am quite often going on my way at 18-22mph.

Most motorists are OK about this but you do get some who whilst they dont’ try and intimidate me do swing further out or overtake (with oncoming traffic) and if a RTC happened I would probably ride to a safe place first and then very discreetly make a nines call to ensure if people were hurt they were seen to (as I’m often out in the sticks where there are few witnesses).

I think its got worse with the recession as some people are feeling so insecure/angry they don’t give a shit if they live or die.

some of the worst driving I have ever seen was outside a junior school – it was as if parents were perfectly prepared to squash someones elses kid so theirs could get home safely. A slightly older work colleague in his 40s who has kids said he had seen exactly the same at his junior school (which also has a Police presence at chucking out time due to fights between groups of parents). We both compared it to the old Survival Anglia wildlife programmes where jungle animals were fighting over food/water…