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    Digital-A;322924 wrote:
    Im very well thanks man, just working got Frenchtek this weekend been getting a hefty new live set together for gigs this summer and have aquired a new member for the band so everything seems to be going a ok .. I moved to Nottingham, havent been around due to loosing my mind over the last year, ketamine, stupid amounts of booze and a licence to thrill was enough to need sending away so hear i am 6 months later and doing the best i have in a very long time so glad to be back on here again ..

    what have you been getting up to these last few?

    sorta the same in the way that i went a bit mental for a few months, more manic depression though, i was stuck in a rut doing the same job day in day out for minimum wage, and the sheer boredom was driving me mad, just spent all my earnins on booze to counteract the fact i hated it so much! i couldnt see a way out. then things changed a bit, i stopped drinking so much and got off my arse and made things happen

    i’m doing some part-time work with young people with autism at the moment, supporting them to become more independant etc. which is really fun and worthwhile… i’m finishing a foundation award in working with young people this month, and i’ve just had a leeds met interview for a degree in youth work and community development, and i’ve been offered a place, so over the moon about that! i’ll be in leeds by september, sorting out finance and everytin at the moment, i’m very lucky cos dont have a-levels or good gcse’s but been offered an alternative route into uni

    generally things are looking very positive now, gonna enjoy this summer while i’m still round here!

    couldnt get work off to frenchtek, was gutted! hope you have a wicked time though mate, best give us a report when you get back! raaa