Forums The Vibe Chat come back as a cat or dog? Re: come back as a cat or dog?


Cat for sure….Independant, got humans where you want them, and have mastered the art of making said humans grateful for the privelege…:awe::awe::awe:

Although being a dog has the upside that you can sit and *ahem* wash all your bits in any social situation with your tongue, and rarely, if ever get called a pervert….:groucho::groucho::groucho:

Reverting to type again…:crazy_diz:crazy_diz, but I’m with uncle Bill Hicks on this one when he said:

Ladies, if men could blow themselves….you’d be here on your own tonight….Watching an empty stage….:weee::weee::weee::weee:

Cats don’t seem to get off on the licking thing anywhere near as much as dogs do, even though they have the same ability…So being a dog would probably be good too…