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    @HSB 458639 wrote:

    my misses once spent about an hour explaining the meaning of life the universe and everything to me on acid. Never herd so much crap in all my life, it was like watching her brain turn to wet tissue paper and fall away. She was fine afterwards and although she could not remember all the rubbish she was going on about she felt she was sure it was profound and important.

    gotta love drugs

    I’m not being philosophical… I’m just a human scientist that is trying to find the most efficient way to live.

    One of things(call it a tool can we?) I’ve used are questions I’ve had.. (This is way back before any recreational drug usage) And I try to answer them. So I’ve answered most of my questions. One question remains, Why do orginisms survive by means of long-life/population/etC?

    So in fact this does not apply directly to me being high. I used a tool to tell me dad something. This tool made me think of this theory while talking to him.

    The chance of this not making sense tomorrow morning is minuscuil in my oppinoun.
    I only added this for political correctness. In all honesty, I feel completely rational at this point, a bit exhausted but yup 😀