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    I spoke to my dad this evening.. As you might know he lives over seas… So I told him about , I told him everything, my rationale behind using amt/drugs/tools to better my existence.

    I think I covinced him 🙂 he was just quite ‘worried’ I guess that his son is using ‘tools’ that his believed to be dangerous.
    Strangly I felt like I changed the world.. When I wrote the subject of this topic I was joking… Cause someone can’t use drugs and then their world changes..

    I got something amazing to tell you. My theory has a reason for poverty/drugs/alcoholism/planes/boats/computers.. It only has one last question. But my theory can hopefully solve that question aswell. So I’m gonna call it Chris’s law… As it is a law. Yes I am that confident.. Busy typing it out.