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@tealeaf 397014 wrote:

Subliminal advertising on the new Kindle ad? And is it even legal? Either way it’s cheeky as hell!

TBH I’d call it product placement rather than totally subliminal advertising (which is discouraged worldwide and hard to totally hide as its a lot more simple these days to split a video into the individual 25 or 29.9997 frames of images it contains each second, so any such campaign is easily exposed).

In our current capitalist world no laws are being broken here. Its no different from Yahoo and British Telecom working together, or the annoying Intel Inside jingle that you might see on TV adverts for computers.

I don’t actually see what is particularly odd with Amazon and Kindle working togehter on ad campaigns as presumably you can buy both the machine and e-books from Amazon – seems odd that Burger King joined as I would think its a hassle to eat a burger and work this kindle device at the same time, you’d get grease all over the screen :yakk:.