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they are wicked. if you could ask her how she coloured the last one in (which program) that would be great. i really like the angel (first) one, the variety of marks and the whole dynamic, with the strong lines in the middle and fading out toward the edges works well in giving it an etherial aura. top marks. so long as she enjoys doing them, she doesnt need to like them to enjoy them, i know my own critisism of my own work in the face of others positivity is something that gives me faith in the validity of what im making. cos it feels like i can see something wrong with it that others cant. i dont know your daughter but i would let her think they arent good, and offer your suport, but dont expect her to ever be greatful for it or agree with you. i recon it must be frustrating, but just sit there and be happy and proud you have such a talented daughter.