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elretardo87 wrote:
this came up on the dogma boards a few weeks ago….he should well sue google as it doesnt appear at all on the site.

I think the way it works is that a number of random ppl have set up sites which contain the word “fuckwit” and a link to John Prescott, and google picks up on this.

Normally they wouldn’t index it if it were something commercial as people do this to stack the odds of their commercial site turning up on google – but as he’s a politician they’d argue that there was a public interest in people knowing info about him.

If it were a normal person being targeted in this manner they could probably claim on human rights legislation (I would expect google are aware of this danger, as kids sometimes set up websites to bully a classmate).

there’s not a lot Prescott could do TBH – politicians are always going to be called nasty words, and many swear themselves (at least when cameras and microphones are not live!)

I would expect no10s webmasters are checking to see who did it, and if there were any real threat to to Mr Prescott from any of these linked sites the Police would be notified.

HM Government certainly do check who links to their sites, as I have seen Parliament’s computers in our logs looking back at us after we discuss the new laws and link to their HMSO law website.

I reckon its the pro-hunting lobby who are responsible for this spectacle, given the timing, and the increasing amount of people who whinge on blogs.

Anyway if he catches up with them, he can always chin them :lol_crash