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    Unfortunately I missed that broadcast as I tend to feed them through the analogue equipment into a separate digital recorder (so the metadata doesn’t cause any issues). That does however mean that unless the show is identified by a presenter speaking, a jingle or a particular tune/style of music if I forget to immediately deal with adding metadata to the new recording, all I have is date and time if I’m lucky as this recorder does not have its own internal clock and I don’t have €900 for a networked Marantz 😥

    There was one of these being sold not too far from me – Had I not completely run out of space in my studio for more equipment and worse, found out that a 270mm reel of tape are now nearly €40 each and 180mm at €20, I would have bought it. When well maintained, these don’t go pear shaped due to a computer many km away, and you can just fill in a big label on the box the spool of tape arrives in 😉