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@noname 327939 wrote:

Well…. That got all rather heated for no really very good reason :argue_mad :lol_crash.

Is it mebbe time to point you’s all in the direction of RFC 1855 again? (Not singling anyone out for this – most of the people who’ve had a say here could use reading it. 😉 )

The question asked at the beginning was perfectly valid, and expressing surprise at the subscription rules for advertising here is a fairly usual reaction if the reasons behind the subscription rules haven’t been explained (and no, saying the server costs money to run isn’t an explanation – it’s stating the blindingly obvious.)

As I remember from the discussions leading up to the change in rules, the main reason for asking for a donation to advertise pay events (or other money making ventures) was that having it free for all resulted in people quite frankly taking the piss – the sheer weight of advertising crap not only made the forum challenging to moderate effectively, but also caused the bandwidth/server costs to spiral. It was felt that people wanting to use PV for advertising – and there were lots of users that only came here to promote their businesses and contributed nothing else should be made to foot some of those spiralling server costs.

I would have thought a user who’s been registered a long time, and has made donations in the past as well as taken part in the discussions on the forum would have a pretty good case for getting something listed – did you PM Dr B Col? He’s usually pretty reasonable… The whole pay event/free party argument has to be at least slightly flexible – after all, if you put on free parties regularly the money to do so has to come from somewhere… Doing the odd commercial event is as valid a way as any of getting the cash needed together – in much the same way that asking people who advertise them here should subscribe (relying on donations exclusively regularly leaves you penniless after putting on a party, and the same is true of running high volume forums.) Nothing to do with the site becoming more corporate or whatever, just another way of keeping the free party spirit alive and kicking…

Hmmm – that turned into a rather longer waffle than intended… Hope it makes some sort of sense (been awake and partying for 3 days, so it could be just random dribbling, for which I apologise if that is the case :laugh_at:).

Remember :sign0015:… And that includes :sign0083:

Finally, the voice of reason.

It’s not like I take the piss is it ?

Only asked for one event listing – in god knows how many years.

Just about everyone who uses the various freeparty forums, knows my general internet persona. If people talk to me nicely, they will find a receptive, warm, caring and loving human being. If they talk to me like I’m an idiot, then they can’t be surprised – when I start playing the idiot.

Those who thought it pertinent to judge me, for whatever reason – can jog the f**k on too.

Everyone else, apologies for the hulabaloo – it’s entirely typical of my general internet shenanigans though.

Though it may look like I’m being vindictive – I’m just being mischievous.