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    @amyberthelet 362961 wrote:

    Music was made to worship God.

    And the evangelists I know are not trying to control others for the sake of control – but because we don’t want to see ppl go to hell.

    No it was NOT. It was here long before your pathetic god views.

    @amyberthelet 362972 wrote:

    And you are just being horribly mean and RUDE!!!! But I guess that’s the point – be ugly mean and rude bc you can.

    @amyberthelet 362982 wrote:

    “shut the fuck up, no one cares. ” ahem…. I rest my case.

    im glad you got the message. really take the statement to heart, its a heart to heart thing you know.

    @amyberthelet 362985 wrote:

    alright already – I think I got that!!!! I was just tryin to share – not expecting a whole blowup out of it…..thought you’d just either leave it be or say have a good time or something….. :hopeless:

    learn to be better at preempting

    @General Lighting 362989 wrote:

    BTW the reason why English and Scottish youths are so angry about the Christian faith is because in this country the Christians refuse to “let it be” with raves and secular partying.

    They look at our kind of events, say they are sinful and grass on all of us to the cops and the council authorities so the events get busted for drugs and closed down. Sometimes they say they are doing it in the name of God to protect people from sin. So why would young folk here want to forgive them for that?

    they get their snitchy swiney dirty snobby CUNTISH little noses in fucking everything and they can FUCK RIGHT OFF


    @amyberthelet 362992 wrote:

    Well all I will say is just BE CAREFUL!!!! Fun partying can eventually turn to addiction…..and that is NO FUN!!!:yakk:

    ADDICTION TO WHAT? PARTIES? you are pathetic. your advice is absolutely pointless. you have never been to a rave by our definition of the word. its like a chef giving advice on how to solder. MORE USELESS THAN MY IRONING.

    @amyberthelet 362997 wrote:

    Doesn’t matter that it wasn’t a ‘rave’ – still was partying….

    What would I know – I’m only a middle-aged old Christian woman….. :crazy_diz whatever….I’ve had my say.

    By that description i would put forward that you know fuck all about life except your fake little religious bubble.
    THIS IS A FREE PARTY FORUM. UNDERSTAND THE DEFINITION. WE DO NOT CARE THE FACT THAT YOU GO ‘PARTYING’. infact, we shall rename our concepts DICKING, so our mashup big fat rig weekend are now known as DICKING ok, so now you can fuck off coz this DICKING forum bears no relevance to your WILD BIBLE BASHING PARTYing.

    @amyberthelet 363001 wrote:

    A party is a party, no matter what you call it!!!! Drugs are still taken, ppl can OD. etc

    drugs of wine and BREADDDD at your shitty lil shindigs i reckon

    @1984 363004 wrote:

    It matters because you assume to know about our culture without ever experiencing it. It matters because you seem to think that any kind of partying in your life (including church events for fucks sake) makes you wise to our way of life. It matters because you seem to think we are young foolish idiots who need your advice and help to survive in a world of SIN.

    and while I am at it, I would imagine you are bloody homophobic too, your religion certainly is. Respect should be earned not given just because you hit 40 and you enjoy the good book.

    well said
    @amyberthelet 363008 wrote:

    Boy you are full of hate!!!
    only full of hate for those who deserve it
    I gave a warning so you DON’T end up like I did…..and around here we show respect for our elders!
    around here we are intelligent folk and show respect to those who DESERVE / EARN IT
    No you don’t need ME to point out your sin, that is true….that’s what Jesus does!

    And you can call me whatever you wish – as a Christian I expect to be hated (does not mean I like it).
    I’ll just let you be – the Bible does say to shake the dust off your feet where you aren’t received……..:cry: I tried, I failed. Maybe someday someone in your future will have more success (or not).
    i would not call it success to fall to that level of idiocy
    Have fun with your ‘raves’
    thank you

    @amyberthelet 363025 wrote:

    Would you say all this to someone like me in person???? Interested on how THAT would go down….. :S
    definitely. and if that is to be interpreted as a threat. a. YOU SINNING EVIL .. THING. b. you are quite butch judging from your pictures and the almighty power of god that is so blindly obvious, may cause a scratch to appear on me. i may have to flee the scene of the battle
    Don’t care what you think of me really – words hurt but they ARE just words……I’m not denying my faith just to please people!

    @amyberthelet 363042 wrote:

    just asking you to leave it at the door, or stay away from this forum. Today 03:21 PM

    Sorry, can’t ‘leave it’ – is a VITAL part of me….

    Guess I’ll let ya know if I attend any ‘raves’…….:sign0077:

    It is vital for you to be hated? coz a lot of us hate ya
    @p0ly 363051 wrote:

    Amy has threatened me, ban her

    i some how enjoy her presence, gives me something to vent at and know that sub species do exist…

    Its kind of a dictation to your own beliefs really. supports the theory of natural evolution doesnt it. the christian population is declining as the rest of humanity rockets