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    do not see why I should – I am not letting some teens and others who may be younger than myself tell me what to do! If I feel like leaving at some point I will, don’t worry – but you are not chasing me off!!!

    I would not be naive as to swiftly dismiss us on grounds of age – for the mind is not constricted by this.. Ageism is foolish.
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    This is how we roll in England..

    I’ve also noticed this in England, and I respect it.

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    We do have Evangelical Christians in Britain as well, but they tend to clash with British culture (our Church of England has engaged with them to have discussions on how to minimise these issues).

    On every occasion I have Been with an evangelist face to face it has resulted in an extremely heated argument.. We never seem to get on !

    For instance once reason why young Josh (who lives only about 15 miles away from me) has been put off by Christianity so much is that a lot of Christian groups from rival factions have targeted the area and its young people!

    building on this, I feeel they come across as very arrogant. It never worked for me, I’ve never ever seen any logic I it. I wouldn’t participate in hymn singing in primary school, as I wished for my education to remain secular. I don’t like they way they have to try and impression you with it.
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    Well just look at it as – there are some who do mean well, genuinely wish good for the youth. I can understand about not wanting anyone to ‘control’ your life, especially when you’re young (I lived a VERY sheltered life until I turned 28 or so, THEN I went wild).

    it’s not control I have a problem with, it’s the type of control that is attempted upon me where the problem lies. It is illogical, corrupt, and for wrong reasons. I choose to control myself to my own accord in which way I feel is right. This sometimes comes in line with mainstream control anyway, i’m not just rebelling against control, I’m pushing for the right control.
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    It seems your mind is already made up no matter what I say.

    I DID answer the question…..let me say again…maybe it WAS my initial motivation but now it’s not…..I cannot influence anyone on here – if you want God, you’ll seek Him. I guess just KNOWING my beliefs threatens/upsets you?????

    the illogical, ignorant and bluntly stupid thoughts many Christians share belief in does by no means threaten me. It does however upset and frustrate my view of the human species