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    So you’re saying I can only post about music,parties etc as long as they are NOT Christian??? Do I poke fun or ridicule or bash anyone else’s party posts on here???? Why can’t you just say nothing if you don’t agree??? Just leave it alone, say ok well I’m glad she enjoyed herself….????? I like to party,dance,act crazy – it’s just a different way! What’s the harm????? Do I say anything against the music on here??? If you see me posting a VIDEO as preaching, I’m sorry – I wasn’t meaning it to be! But I like to share what I’m doing same as anybody else. I don’t want to leave, and do not see why I should – I am not letting some teens and others who may be younger than myself tell me what to do! If I feel like leaving at some point I will, don’t worry – but you are not chasing me off!!!