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    @amyberthelet 362690 wrote:

    Well then the text should be changed from Discussions surrounding all things creative in any medium to (instrumental only) or something![/quote]

    its not quite instrumental only (as some dance music has vocals) but its comparatively rare for thse vocals to have anything other than a secular meaning. Even political “protest songs” are rare although one track by Orbital had a name warning against environmental pollution.

    The British rave culture is admittedly hard to understand for outsiders. A lot of people who attend raves do have strong political or faith beliefs but tend not to discuss them as much when partying.

    In any case, point taken. Are pics allowed??? Because any parties I go to now ARE Christian. I do not know of any raves around here, and if I ever get the chance to go to a bar/club where they play elect. music it is rare.

    you’ve already put up a number of pictures in your album of what I assume are your local music/entertainment events, which no one here has complained about..