Techno Viking

    I’ve moved this post to bug reports, regardless I think just the thumbnails are broken so I’m rebuilding them now which should fix the problem if you not you may need to delete and re-upload…

    @DaftFader 430445 wrote:

    Nice uploader too.

    Alltho trying to EDIT them (post’s with pictures in) after is a pain in the bum. I’ve been getting loads of glitches:- pics turning into thumbnails when you try and deleat them, that are hard to get rid of (I had to re-insert the pic from the uploader doodad and then deleat them again to get rid of them – 1 picture I had a kinda double of I had to keep, as every time I deleated it it turned into a thumbnail at the bottom of the page and wouldn’t go).

    As you can see as well some of the attachments have only appeared as a link? This happened when I clicked preview post b4 they had rendered in the edit post window after trying to add a few more pics after posting allready.

    Oh and once you have posted the original post, where you can see the pics as [attachment]23732y587257[end] etc. apon editing they only appear as pictures and this is what make’s it a bit fiddly to change them – (imo anyway).

    Sry to keep picking at things, (but I’m good at bug hunting lol – and I assume that’s the reason for all the pic posts of late :wink:) when you go to edit a post with pics in, you can click on the pics (they will have an edit style pencil over them when you hover – i think you might have to click twice, I can’t remeber) and you can orginize the alignment/size/name etc. of each pic, there’s still the forum default txt there as the explination of what that window does I think (it’s not in english).

    Also when you edit a post the pencil thing sometime’s get’s left behind (as it appears over the txt too) and end’s up in the post (I’ve left it in my one as an example). EDIT -I’ve got two pencils now as I went back in to edit some text and it left another one behind lol.

    all in all it’s a nice little feature tho 🙂