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    @Gazatronium-Ethane 397682 wrote:

    in all seriousness, there are more than likely like 1 in 1000 people in the UK who are TRULY English; as in, ancestors have been on the island since Neanderthal time, so in turn are English. were as myself, i am of (in order) Welsh, Belgian & Dutch and English blood.
    The British isles are a mental place were after about 2-3 generations ethnicity kind of goes all skew whiff and after a while know one seems any the wiser about the family history…..
    this is, of cause my thesis entirely

    Spot on – This island is situated in such a place it’s been invaded mutiple times buy diferant groups over the corse of it’s history and in moden day and age the country is very diverse with a wide range of diferant cultures on it’s land as it still seems to have alot to offer people not native to it’s lands so further diversafies it’s population.

    This is a good thing in my eyes – I hate all this “I’m from here this is important” I understand knowing or following your culture but that’s diferant in my eyes to so called patriotism. There’s knowing and liking where you’re from and there’s not knowing where your from and saying you’re from there. I hate all this “I’m english and proud bollox” the truth is probably 99% of people who live in england are not even 1/4 english weather they are white or not (I mention this as I assume people would imagin someone who was indiginous to england as being white).

    Tbh I don’t even like it when countrys that can actualy trace there ancestary back to yester year and find they havn’t had too many outside influences on ethnicity being very patriotic as it just drives wedges between people. It’s like suporting a football team in my eyes.

    Ok fair enough you like the land you live on and the people around you .. good I’m happy, but when there’s all this unesasary flag waving and “we are the best nation blah blah” singing It’s mentalness!