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    Dutti B wrote:
    Buddism is doing the right thing for your self and those around you, its about carma and being the person you want to be.

    Buddism is not a religion but a way of life.

    You obiviously quoted that from a book but why does it seem that I am not a good Buddist?

    In Buddism there is no set way that you should act, you can be what ever you want. I take drugs and drink booze which is considered bad by society but not to me. so does that mean I am not a buddist? no.

    I blatantly said above I do not agree or take part in violence. Unfortunately alot of people are but I am not gonna hate them for it or not speak to them, something I learnt from Buddism let everyone take there own path I not here to judge everyone especially not from what other people tell me.

    Learn from experience

    BK dont seem to be learning from experience tho. thats the point. Fighting babylon isnt gonna get them or the scene anywhere. Another point im not religious. Your having a go at people for baseing thier opinions on what other people have told them is this not the same as all religions. Your living your life by someone else’s teachings.Im not having a go at you about your religion, what ever gets people through the day.My main issue is that violence isnt gonna get people anywhere. whether its the police or the ravers.