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    Dutti B wrote:
    first of all just because the ravers who attended (and not all of them) got voilent does not mean that Brans Kan them selves promote or were voilent to the police.

    Blantantly the police aggrivated them and the ravers up there are anarchists. Thats up to them. Doesn’t mean they are bad people, just don’t take shit. they ain’t pussey

    and why should I listen to what a few peeps are saying on that thread? that is there opinion like mine so why do you believe all of them and not me? Did you attend that rave? I didn’t but I have made the effort to learn about Brans Kan to know that the actually crew are safe as.

    Again don’t be a so called raver who hates on a sound system but doesn’t or won’t go to their raves because you listen to other people. Honestly there parties are banging and they protest for there rights. Instead of being like some of these K head rigs who could’t fight a flea if the police aggrivated them.

    Why should they put up with being treated wrongly?

    yeah man im such a player hater! lol! im sure no-one touches k at brains kan parties eithier?! (what the fuck?!). Yeah police can act like pricks but fighting back gets the whole scene and the individual person know where. In fact its fucking up the scene for other people and rigs that arent complete idiots. Find a different way to make a point/stand not just by being violent gobby shits.