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@1984 368065 wrote:

are ur saying ur so rich u never need to work again?

Not at all. I am not rich. But I have enough for living. I still need to work to keep it that way. And I like what I do, this is kind of my hobby, something very close to it.

Anyway, I tried to support children somewhere in Indonesia or something. I used to donate money to children there trough the charity. So was doing my wife (donating my money, haha :-)). The charity did not know we are husband and wife and we had different official addresses and bank accounts. Once we received two letters. Each letter supposed to be from one of the child you support. And you know what? They were from different children but absolutely identical except for the photo. So I gave up helping pure hungry children. Turned out it is a big scam.

Volunteering is a good point too but with some cons. For example, I am not really good at something that might be useful. I am a geek software engineer creating trading systems for bad guys doing tons of money out of pure people all around the world. So I am useless to regular people needing volunteering help (and I am not sure if that is not a scam and someone else is making money out of you that way).

I don’t trust people.

What I need is more ideas on what to do? Not like reading jokes on the internets or something – that is all done. Something crazy and fun. Maybe I just need real friends?