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Minghead;329069 wrote:
either that or disintergrated! har! still cant get over the fact theyre changing it 5.5%

yeah me too! =(

last summer i got 2 of my mates to do the White lightning challenge

3 litres of WL each, 2 hour time limit

it was epic!! until one of em got too fucked from it in tesco, we moved on round the back (a canal) where he lay on the ground, we just watched him. then the security guard (who already spoke to us and made us leave cos he knew how pissed my mates were) came out and told us to move on or he’d have to call the police. my mate was then violently sick for a few minutes (all the chinese he’d eaten earlier)

it wasnt fun having to drag him down the canal (he almost fell in alot of times) then drag him all the way home (him being sick in many peoples gardens) they wouldnt let him on the bus:laugh_at: