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    ahh i don’t wanna sound preachy but theres no point in going to college if you’re going to screw it up for sure and not actually try when you need to. a waste of a year or two of your life that you could be spending doing something else, and if you screw it up first time they’ll be more reluctant to let you do it a second time, especially as you’ll be relying on your college to write a statement about you. you’ve chosen a good spread of subjects though by the look of it. if you’re doing the science and the maths, i wouldn’t recommend actually taking them unless you get a A/A* in the subject at GCSE.. although maybe a B if you’re willing to work really hard at it, i can’t stress how hard it gets and how dissimilar the subject is to the gcse. as kiwifruit said, being realistic is the key. i was very unrealistic and i’ve spent the last 8 months really regretting it, i’ve had to have 3-4 hours of extra physics tuition a week for the last 4 months to try and get me back on track and it’s still difficult. what subjects do you take now?