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    Just wanted to add, that you say you are 16.
    It’s perfectly ok at 16 to not have a friggin clue about what you want to do. Living in sweden opened my eyes big time to doing what you love to do. People here go back to uni or colleges to retrain in careers and skills that they are interested in after working for a bit or having got a qualification in something else and then realising that it didnt suit them.

    Don’t box yourself into “I have to be this or that”.
    What would you LIKE to be doing in the next 5 years? What realistically do you see yourself doing and enjoying? I guess the subjects you take at high school have to be ones that you need grades in for courses later on. I dont really know as it was a long time ago I was in your shoes.
    Does your school have a work/uni course counsellor that you can speak to. Maybe they might be best as they know what is required for different courses later on.

    I have yet to meet any 16/17 year olds that at some point thought “what’s the point and fuck it all.”
    You’ll work through it 🙂
    My swedish man- a couple of years ago retrained as an electrician as here where I live jobs are pretty much nonexsistent. He thought about what he was good at and off he went. His first love is computery stuff but everyone here seems to have masters degrees (education is free here) in that so getting a job is impossible without being over the top qualified.

    The worst thing you can do is choose a course because your mates are doing it 🙂

    Good luck!