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    Fuck uni off if you can’t think of any reason to go. I feel sorry for people your age, as it’s pretty much expected of 16-year-olds to do their A-levels and then pick something they’re vaguely interested in and do it at uni, usually ending up in a low to medium paid boring corporate job. It was the same when I was 16 too, but at least tuition fees were only £1000 per year so most of us will pay back the loan within 10 years or so. I think it’s driven by the fact that a school’s success is judged (by parents and govt) by the number of kids they send to universities.

    You should have a think about whether you genuinely want to leave education to do something more vocational (although we’re tacitly taught to look down on ‘workers’ and tradesmen you’ll probably end up on more money than most graduates and have greater job-satisfaction), or are just bored of school and lack motivation like most lads your age (in which case, man up and do your a-levels, it’s only 2 years of your life and costs nothing).