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    @JustAnotherDarren 436245 wrote:

    i think i can go a loong way if i get motivated 🙂
    but im not motivated, and lack the motivation,
    if i’m going to be anything at all i’ll strive to be the best- not a plumber/electrician – a trader, engineer etc
    Otherwise i will just be a labourer.
    I don’t particularly want half way, i think the a levels would be a bore that i would drift through and get medium grades
    where as potentially with motivation i could get good, good grades, i hope and like to think
    *with many teachers saying-so aswell, but i’ve never made the effort

    There are lots of different levels in the construction industry and at the top level it is more engineering than just manual work (such as a mixed solar tank and conventional heating system I was looking at, or the three phase electric wiring system that is used in this place, you need brains to get that to work…

    Also a lot of IT and telecoms jobs don’t need a degree either..

    The reason why these jobs are better for some folk is you get to see the end results of what you have done, such as the finished building and people having light and heat, or able to communicate with each other, whereas with uni it takes much longer to get something practical out of what you have learned…