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    DaftFader wrote:
    me and a m8 gave out alot of ket @ one rave once .. stop after a while cos i could tell a few dealers were getting pissed off …spoil sports …

    I’ve got a hilarious story about a similar situation but can’t share it with you yet as it may incriminate people..

    anyway once I saw a kitten about to run into the road, so I rode up to it on my bicycle, stopped and made sure that it crossed safely. TBH I felt wholly bit daft acting like a lollipop man to a random animal, but when an old man in his car saw what I was doing he smiled and slowed down rather than being pissed off as I was holding up traffic..

    i also often will sit down with homless people and share my beer/food or what i have on me with them …

    I would help out squatters long after I was in a decent office job and not even doing that much drugs or living chaotically

    this is actually how I got into cycling around 2001

    I was at a small squat party done by some homeless people and there was a electric cooker in a stairwell

    I asked why it was there (maybe it was gonna be weighed in) and they said “we wanted to use it as we have bare skip food what needs cooking but none of us know how to wire it in and we don’t want to blow ourselves up”

    so the day after the party I wired up the cooker (having been up all night on speed anyway and having plenty of energy)

    a week later one of the squatters built me a bicycle out of bits from tatted/abandoned bikes – it wasn’t anything special but wasn’t too bad either and I rode it all across Reading for ages

    when I told a cycling forum this they actually thought I was a troll (I offered to send them a photo of my bike propped up against the cooker as proof but they believe me eventually)