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    Originally posted by BioTech

    I Think we will be sticking to a genny then. 🙁


    sometimes the “low tech” solutions r the best, even if u were thinking batteries would be cleaner/lighter/more eco-friendly. Gensets aren’t that bad if u have good earthing, and keep the equipment in order. If u keep the engine clean and well-oiled and don’t run the genset until the fuel tank is down 2 the dregs, u will have less problems and hassles.

    Interesting subject though.

    the battery powered system is still a viable project if you have the time, brains, energy and equipment.

    Batteries do of course have the advantage that they do not make noise, either mechanical or electrical interference. incidentally another bonus of 48V instead of 12V is that the current is less so the power cables can be thinner, although they are still much thicker than those used for 230V. I was once shown round the battery room of my local telephone exchange; they use huge metal bus bars to carry the power across the building.

    Maybe in a few years time, batteries will be smaller and more efficient, and this project will be more feasible!