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djprocess wrote:
thats why i posted it in here as the last thing the free party scene needs is another death assosiated with ‘illegal raves’ The media would absolutly love this story if they got hold of it.

they will (not from here as you used your brains, but maybe just via the coroners press office or even leaks from NHS) but just as a generic “toll of drugs culture” thing probably linked with pubs/clubs/binge drinking

for many normal people licensed clubs and illegal raves are viewed as the same moral cesspool.

she wasnt some little girl tho, i think she was in her late 30’s…

still someones daughter, families are strange, they disown someone and then wring their hands when it all goes pear shaped (we learned that in Ipswich 2006)

i feel really bad for the guy that found her. dont think my head could cope with that. Also the cops are charging him wth supply, which i thought was particularily caring of them!

thats the standard procedure unfortunately (think of what happened to Mark Speight)