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    sparkplug wrote:
    I firmly stand by the viewpoint that if you get your soundsystem seized outdoors at an event, it is entirely your OWN fault.
    I’ve no doubt in my mind that the OB will give you numerous opportunities to walk away with everything in tact.
    The simple fact is there are rigs out there who ignore Police requests and carry on a battle against them. Fine do that, but you will lose your sound equipment and you give the rest a bad name.

    See this as a game.

    Sometimes you win.

    Sometimes you lose.

    Sometimes the police have the upper hand and you let them have a victory, if you don’t. You get your rig burnt.


    Yea mate. much easier to pack up and leave when things look like they will go tits up than try and fight them. we’ve all seen what happens when rigs are ‘stubbon’ so to speak and dont leave even when their genny has just flown of a cliff. no offence to those envolved.