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    @Mr. Fiveskin 350159 wrote:

    When my family first moved to the bubs and we were teens, my brother and I went out to smoke some weed, I was trippin. Suddenly there were about 20 people of our age grouo swearing I was the guy that did something to someone’s girl friend. I had no idea really what they were insinuating. Oh does it sucked getting sucker punched while tripping. Rign it the eye. But the perps chased us up to the police station before giving up and then the police stated to make inuendos that I was part of this gang and was “ratting on our freinds” when it got too rough for me. That betrayal sent me into weeping hysteria. I wa 18 but felt like 18 months and just crying until my brow swelled berom the blow. They were all criminals–some with badges, some without. I don’t think about it much but thanks for reminding me. Anybody else want to dwell on the worst days of your life?

    that sounds horrid! tripping on what btw?