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    I had a lot of hassles in my younger days until mid teens and the late 1980s but it certainly wasn’t random attacks, I was being targeted because of my skin colour. When it started in 1977 and carried on until 1987 (then amazingly racism became “uncool” for a fair few years) you learn to live with it.

    Nowadays its very occasional verbal abuse (unsurprising due to the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, as well as anger over foreign workers and jobs being outsourced) but I am very careful who I interact with and never let my guard down (even in supposedly “safe” places like raves because people aren’t as friendly as they used to be and not everyone does the same kind of “happy” drugs.

    I also avoid town centres and “townie” type social occasions other than occasionally going to legal rave-type events. Often its not so much an issue in the venues itself but getting across town after the events finish…

    it means I am not outwardly as friendly and carefree as I used to be 10-15 years ago but you have to be like that to survive nowadays. The practice of of a gang of people “befriending” someone only to attack them (that glittersniffer mentions) is becoming depressingly common these days, more so than it was in the 90s..