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    well played loon and retardo, thats takes will and strength and shit.. i would like to but cant be arsed. good luck to both of you….especially loon for the sake of the new life 😉

    i recently worked for a bit in a local pub that i used to work three years ago..there’s definitly less smokers in there, which although i smoke, i still blatantly prefer. i hate the smell of cigars, so i kind of imagine thats what fags smell like to non smokers.

    on the subject of the media driven body and lifestyle fascism touted by some mags, i think its dispicable. when i was at school there were loads of girls with eating disorders, and i think about 90% of the kids were paranoid in some way, but i think its actually got a lot worse. the clothes i see kids, especially girls wearing freak me out. it snot that their dressing up and discovering their sexuality, its jsut theyre so good at it! you can see the hours of careful preperation thats gone in, and while it is a female bonding ritual, its also a massive source of bitching and lonliness for a lot of excluded girls.

    they blatantly get the worse deal, but as general said, its no longer just females, and flicking thru fhm round a mates house just totally freaks me out, the detail of pointless shit that is sold as some magic formula for being successfull and attractive.

    while i feel sory for these people, im kinda glad that their paranoia provides them with a uniform that tells me “this person is prolly not worth speaking to, because they clearly value soem magasine’s opinion over their own”.

    let it all hang out, thats what i say…..let your freak flag fly!