Forums The Vibe Chat anyone returning to the ASYLUM tonight! Re: anyone returning to the ASYLUM tonight!


    @Minghead 420252 wrote:

    yeah what you listning to? any of the sets above? i have al the helter skelter 90s technodrome sets if you have any requests!

    check our website for up coming drum discples nights

    next one is april the 9th lineup:-

    dj believe
    linear & overkill
    hosted by MC/DJ Ribbz

    as for north ill put more info as & when it comes to light!

    Just listening to some mixes from the net. Couldn’t of been that good though, Fell asleep earlier. I suspect the booze had something to do with that. gotta stop finishing work so early!

    Yeah those mixes sound pretty good mate, I’ll be down for that if you got a link? Will check out your website as well! :love: