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    USE wrote:
    a bass, a cod, a wibbly wobbly rod!

    2c what? juicy 2c pie!

    that was a fucking dangerous day, did you see those geezers with the 12ft slingshot firing something or other (waterballons?) over the big tent. proper mintness.

    general lighting off here came to rescue that day, i went in some timewarp and had no way home, and he straightened my head out enough to deal with it so i didnt just kip in the dance tent. hes a saviour.

    whahahahaha a bass a cod

    god just laughed my head off my boss wondered what the fuck was going on
    neally fell off my chair yeah i was spannerd that day wernt too bad tho met the ex there went back to hers to give her some darka lovin :bigsmile: