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    metpol don’t always bust parties because there is fuckloads of other serious crime in Londonistan such as people getting shot and stabbed. They have closed them down on some occasions. but the met have a attitude that its not worth bothering with the smaller fish so they tend to let things go until they can catch out bigger dealers. I have seen them put 16 riot vans worth of cops into a warehouse when it was too new to party – they didn’t do any violence or even put on their riot gear, it was just so many cops you thought “oh shit” and packed up pretty sharpish.

    plenty of parties are still happening but more and more stacks are being taken and at every party cops are gathering info on people; they don’t just stick this in a dusty file and forget about it but work out who is attending; whether they have jobs; whether they do other crime etc. It doesn’t mean that individuals will always get nicked but if the cops think its a “suicide” rig then they do start wondering how a group of youths often without long term employment can afford to lose loads of equipment then come back a few months later. it isn’t good when cops start thinking like that as they start wondering just where all the cash might be coming from!