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these days if a pub gets a reputation for being a “ravers pub” the cops put in the sniffer dogs and CID – it can then get closed down for “permitting drugs use on the premises”, thats why you don’t hear of them as much any more

TBH you are way luckier than people in many areas, at least your council still tolerates late night legal venues, loads of other areas have zero tolerance to any dance music events now.

the reason people are wary about giving info is we have had journalists and nosey locals/councillors trying to get info about free parties which they then pass on to the Police, as well as constant monitoring by the Police who have a whole team devoted to watching these sorts of forums.

The days of info about illegal parties being blatantly put on the internet are long gone, there has been too much of a backlash for that to happen anymore. You are better off TBH going to a legal event in your area and befriending the local party people in person, at least there is more chance to gain trust that way.