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djchaos wrote:
cheers, althou i allready looked on there.

can u reccomend any decient ravers pubs around here? no1 local around here seems to know of any

*starts to think theres more stuffs like that going on in bexhill*

Try the Cowley club on London rd thats an alternitive cafe and book shop, it used to be a bar/members club as well. Though when I went in with a mate the other day I’m sure they thought we was undercover cops the way we was dressed lol
I’ve got alot of mates down that end but I’m out of touch. Theres a pub on the hill just by the bridge next to the station canny mind its name where they used to go. Try picking up some flyers in a record shop…

I’m one of the less paranoid people but what GL says is pretty correct.