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    elretardo87 wrote:
    I duno if you read everything I said or if I just worded it a bit wrong as I was just up but I understand they can do good but when it comes down to it people rely on doctors and medication far too much.

    I’m not saying that we should perform our own open heart surgery but for minor ailments I don’t see the point in going to a doctors. I mean every time my mum used to take me with whatever wound I had managed to inflict on myself on the farm or in the woods the doctor would give me antibiotics….now I am immune to the common ones and when I get seriously ill there is fuck all they can do. If the doctor hadn’t told my mum that there was a massive chance of me dying of septicemia then she wouldn’t have let me take them. Same goes for my grandma…an over zealous doctor prescribing too much antibiotics and now she can’t fight off any infection with or without the aid of antibiotics.

    I class freezing my finger as a minor ailment so I’m not going to the doctors. I mean last time I went was with a broken arm and when they x-rayed it they discovered 3 breaks that had almost healed and the fresh one….and they gave me a sling. If they’d me they were just gona give me a sling when it happened I would have gone home and made one myself….not sat arround a fuckin hospital for god knows how long.

    Anyway I’m not denying good quality healthcare is very handy but I think that our over reliance is destroying our bodies ability to function on its own and that doctors/medication should be a last port of call not a first.

    please dont take this offensively, but wouldnt it be ironic if u died, from the compressed air in ur blood stream, sorry its really harsh to say that but i do like to point out the irony in life:hopeless: