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    elretardo87 wrote:
    Well as far as I see it the black tissue is dead already and has been removed with a pen knife the rest is fine. Therefore no need to go to a doctor.

    I don’t trust the bastards its a bit too close to religion for me….you go in and they tell you that you need something to make you better and thats that. No explanations of what its doing juts they know best. I have had enough of the crap thats happened to my friends and family because of knowitall doctors.

    Anti depressants ruined my mum, nurses made my mates last few days in this world as distressing and confusing as possible for him, they’ve banned so many useful thing due to the money involved in teh drugs industry etc etc.

    Also my Grandad died of a serious chest infection having been ill for a while….but what caused it? A piece of swab/tissue left in during a previous operation that the doctors didn’t bother to mention until my mum (a dentist) looked at the x-ray and demanded they explained what it was.

    I know they do their best hence not not filing for the £10k compo that the staff nurse said we were intitled to for the negligence but I still don’t trust the doctors.

    It’s a point of view I guess, seems a bit fucking stupid to me though. Doctors know what they are talking about, maybe you just got unlucky? Anyway, my second cousin was saved from a hereditary heart disease at Papworth, they performed a heart transplant which AFAIK is extremely difficult to do… I certainly don’t think they are all shit. Quite the opposite, in fact.