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Tank Girl

    I’m not against the NHS at all –
    but my one complaint about the problem I’ve been having with my hands is I find doctors can be very narrow minded and will not treat you holistically

    They decided I had carpel tunnel – I had x2 operations –
    hands still going numb and painful –
    but instead of looking where else it could be (I’e my back) they then told me it was my elbow
    I then didnt feel listened to as how can both hands go numb when the problem (from the doctors) is only in one elbow –
    They then said they wanted to opperate again ……..

    (I do think I had carpel tunnel as those symptoms have cleared up pretty much)

    calm down a minute

    I went to a chiropractor independantly –

    and I have a trapped nerve in my neck, one leg shorter than the other (which I am now being ripped about by all my mates … 😉 ) which is why my back is all twisted causing ppressure in my neck (god I’m really selling myself :laugh_at: )
    and will have to pay around £500 over the next few weeks / months (luckily I have savings)
    but if it saves not having to have another op / I’ll finally get a full nights sleep with out being woken up several times / less (no) pain …………. I’ll do anything……..

    sorry for my rant but this is year 5…..