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    my g/f’s grandad died while in hospital due to negligence on the part of the hospital, he contrated some nasty infection due to the squalid conditions he was left in, uncleaned dressings, shit in his bed etc. He was also left in a corridor for a day cause there was no ward free. Now i admit some do the best they can, but some are just slack or are incapable of doing the job, whether thats the persons fault or the systems i dont know. My g/f’s nan is now having to go to the ombordsman (sp?) to get compensation. She said herself she feels bad about claiming compensation as it is only going to take money away from the NHS when that is obviously what they need to try and sort out the problems they have. She just wants to get answers to how it got to that state and she also wants to try and make sure the problems are addressed so that it doesnt happen to anyone else in the future. So although i understand you El for not wanting to claim i think it is important that someone or part of the organisation is held responsible to insure that stuff like that doesnt happen in the future.