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    boothy wrote:
    ElRetardo I agree we shouldn’t go to the doctors for petty things, however the point I was referring to was this statement:
    “I don’t trust the bastards its a bit too close to religion for me”

    That sounds like a bit of a generalising attack on a group of people who mostly do a very good job.

    What I meant was I won’t let them do something to me without a bit of reserach. I mean as a kid I had fluid build up arround a tendon on my wrist, which is completely harmless so my doctor decided I should be injected with some mad chemical without telling me the side effects.

    Now (8 years alter) I get random bouts of extreme pain, spasm stylee contractions of the tendon, my hand sometimes freezes up and generally its fucked my use of my hand. It wasn’t until I went back to complain about these problems with my mum that the doctor explained that this was the price I had to pay to not have a fuckin tiny wee squidgy lump on the back of my wrist that I only got looked at as my mum thought it could be a tumour.

    So yeh enough of my ranting….what I meant was I don’t just let them do what they want to me without a bit of research. The whole religion thing was about the fact that people trust them blindly and wind up with new problems caused by the drugs they got to save them from the first problem.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Sini wrote:
    How’s the hand today Elretardo?

    Seems fine….and I’m not dead yet. Cheers.