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    This recording is also not great, but i’ve no time to re-do it.

    Stomping tunes though- 93/94 hardcore.

    Comments please!!!!!

    1. Stu J & UFO- 2001- Space Anthem
    2. ?- Open your Mind
    3. Storm Syndicut- Hold me in your arms
    4. Stu J & UFO- Raise your hands
    5. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t- Take me away
    6. Sy & Unknown- Let the Bass Kick
    7. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t- Six Days
    8. T3- Morning mist
    9. Luna-C- Mind of a lunatic
    10. Rebel Alliance- Feel Alright
    11. Temporary Mashup- Just close your eyes
    12. Sy & Unknown- Are you ready
    13. Force & The Evolution- High on life
    14. Slipmatt- SMD#4
    15. ?- I need your loving
    16. ?- Warehouse Party
    17. Fat Controller- In complete darkness
    18. Rebel Alliance- Flying high
    19. Juciy cuts No.1- Love you more

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