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Gylfi Gudbjornsson

    @Mishka Peshchanka 561968 wrote:

    No wonder you said in a previous post about feeling low and depressed. I find making suggestions a bit patronising but I’m going to make one today, stop posting on sad act facebook pages….

    Here’s a suggestion to the whole world, don’t go on facebook for longer than 30 minutes a day!!

    Sorry for being patronising world.

    No no, your point is valid, but I all stemmed from the question: who will finish 4th in the premier league, and the page which is highly respected by many and the club itself got trolled to shit by southampton and woolwich fans trying to get a rise…..

    The depression is an oooolld ting, Had it since I was 11, tried to hang myself when I was like 12 due to being bullied really badly in secondary school