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    :sign0080:Fuck all of those “third world clothing collection” people who keep putting bags through my door. They’re scams and take money away from genuine collecting charities like Oxfam. Most of the stuff u give them is either sold to shops, sold abroad or shredded to make other products. They’re usually real businesses but pose as charities to con people into giving them their old clothing.

    You can usually tell which ones are scams cos they have loads of spelling + grammar mistakes, the bag looks really cheap and shitty and they give a “reg. no.” which is made to look like a registered charity number (but is in fact their company number, something which all registered businesses have).

    Anyway fuck them and I hope to catch them next time they come round. I’m trying to think of ways to fuck up the collections but it usually boils down to putting a bomb in the collection sack, which I probably shouldn’t do.